I would be lost without concealers – they mask away my imperfections, disguise my pesky bags and help give the appearance of blemish free skin. With my skin flaring up and acting so bad recently they have become even more of staple. My holy grail Nars Creamy Concealer that lasted me a year when I picked up my first tub has now only lasted me five months. Thanks to all the breakouts my concealer usage has vastly increased, however thanks to this brilliant covering devices they are able to mask even the most nasty looking spot.

As mentioned my holy grail concealer is the much loved Nars Creamy Concealer – owned in the shade Custard however I am finally going to admit defeat and pick this up in a lighter shade. I use this for redness and blemishes, as it covers them both without drying out my skin or looking caky throughout the day. For a thicker consistency to mask any stubborn areas I’ve recently been using the Tarte Amazonian Coloured Clay Concealer* in Light. A cream formula this packs a bit more punch compared to the Nars offering and can hide away the most pesky of imperfections.

In terms of eyes it comes to two key power players. There is the Smashbox Camera BB Cream Eyes* in Fair. This counteracts blue bags, lifts the area around my eyes and also helps to mask any redness. Quick and easy to blend in the lighter colour helps to illuminate the area and make me look more ready for the day then I actually am ;) For those days when my eyes just don’t want to play ball I require something a bit more potent. This is where the Estée Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On Illuminator in 07 Soft Pink comes into play. A super brightening pink shade this counteracts all the darkness and gives a bright light to the shadows under my eyes. Paired with the Smashbox BB Eye Cream it’s like I’ve been asleep for over eight full hours ;)

What are you concealer must haves that get you through the sleep deprived nights and blemish prone mornings?

*pr sample