When one finds themselves in Tooting on a Friday evening, one must go to the Chicken Shop. Oh yes, I may have just referred to myself as ‘one’ but it’s okay as I’ll redeem myself by talking all things chicken in todays post. Owned by the super luxe and super cool Soho House, this comes from the same chain that brings you the same delectable delights as Dirty Burger and Pizza East. This is a no frills kinda restaurant and you won’t be stuck pondering the menu for hours. It’s simple, they cook chicken and therefore up on the menu pride of place is chicken. The sides complement the rotisserie cook meat and again, nothing too fussy going  on here to distract from the wonderful flavours you get directly from the chicken itself.

Once you’ve order the food is pretty instant, with everything fresh and ready to go there is no waiting around. You want it, you get it and you won’t see me complaining about it ;) From the decor down to the staff, the relaxed atmosphere resonates throughout the space. Personal favs, crinkle cut chips as hello who could dare resist these. I also opted for the butter lettuce and avacado salad that comes with a scrumptious honey mustard dressing to perfectly match the chicken. Sauce is there for you to opt in and out of and it’s a great place to get stuck in and share with friends. Purse friendly price points are a bonus and with unique cocktails on a Friday you really can’t go wrong. Only question is – how much chicken will you order!