urban decay naked basics
urban decay naked basics
urband decay naked basics

Naked Basics Palette – £22*

Ah the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palettes – one of the most hyped about sets of neutral shadows that has now been extended into an impressive four palette collection. After loving the original Naked One and buying the Naked Two in a moment of hype hysteria, I was certain that I would be done with the Naked loving (sorry, had to say it!) That being said, I’ve always had my eye on the Naked Basics offering and debated whether I could sneak these extra shades into my collection. Did I need them? No. Did I constantly swoon over their matte and buttery pigmentations wondering if I could ever justify picking it up? Every time I saw it. Luckily for me the decision was made for me and here it is, firmly in my grips and boy did I wish I had picked this up earlier.

On first impressions the palette isn’t going to win any awards for creativity or invitation with their shade selection, the colours are pretty standard however the magic lies within the formula and just how wearable they are. Yes I adore a more glittery brown to dust over my lid but this becomes slightly impractical when sitting in a office for 9 hours out of the day. This is where the Naked Basics Palette comes into it’s own, all the shades are matte and all of them can be worn on a daily basis. Basic it is not, practical it is. Throw in a mini compact with a pretty sizeable mirror and you have the perfect travelling buddy that can be used each day or when jet setting around the world. For those wanting to dip their foot into the neutrals pool or if you are looking for a pallet thats bursting to the brim with wearable shades, this is the one for you.

*pr sample