miracle worker

Can something really be a miracle overnight worker for your skin? Claims such as these release the skeptic inside me and I’m left wondering about the level of marketing jargon as opposed to truth behind the claim. Sales are what drives a brand so it’s understandable that bold statements are thrown around, the big question is can any of these brands live up to these sweeping comments and deliver on the skincare wonders they aim to give?

The Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight* will be gracing our beauty shelves soon, however in the mean time I’ve been pulling apart their sale point of ‘miraculous mornings’ to see just how wonderful this little pot can make my skin. I started off by flipping the box upside down to inspect the ingredients list, Philosophy are known for being a bit cheeky with what they put inside their products so this was a safe starting bet. Seeing aqua/water as the first item shortly followed by cetyl alcohol which creates a thickening effect for the cream, I was left feeling concerned that these items might not actually be doing anything good for my skin.

Onwards and upwards somewhere this little pot must be able to deliver on the claims to deeply hydrate my skin whilst reducing fine lines in four weeks. You can’t deny the texture is a dream to apply and this sinks into the skin without leaving a film or residue behind. The next morning my skin didn’t feel dry or dehydrated but in terms of the anti-aging claims, I’m on the fence. All in all for £40.50 I will be tempted to save my pennies elsewhere. Maybe my skin isn’t ready enough for products like these or maybe my skin is just a big old skeptic like me! One person that has fallen for this little pot – my mum!

*pr sample