Oh hi lovely friends, how have you been? Good week? Me, I’ve just been sunning myself in the garden, visiting friends for lunch and catching up with all the reality television that the world has to offer. As you can see, I’ve been as busy as a bee ;) Why has my week been so full of relaxing treats I hear you ask? Well I have been graced with an unexpected week off in which I have indulged in the act of doing sweet FA! Who knew I was so darn good at it ;) I am starting a new adventure on Monday so after seeing the weather forecast I took this golden and rare opportunity to slip away for a week and hide out in the garden. Days off are so precious but being able to spend them doing whatever your heart desires is pretty blooming marvellous. Oh and not only that, I’ve also made an impressive dent in the Gossip Girl collection, Chuck Bass I’m here for ya!

This Week I’ve Been…

Having a roast with an old friend – the chicken kind you dirty animals ;)

Indulging in my first proper sushi experience – where I even ate my very first raw scallop and, although I might not be rushing to eat it again, props to me for trying something new

Treating my blemish city skin to a duo face mask evening – if anyone has the cure to sudden chin breakouts that will not disappear, I am all eyes and ears! Pesky spots *shakes fist*

Trying on colour in COS – Monday afternoon, nothing better to do? Duh head to a COS changing room and ransack the sale items!

Finally being reunited with the best eyeliner I’ve ever tried – this stuff, incredible. The only eyeliner that has converted me to being a daily cat eye wearer!

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