masks for blemishes
masks for blemishes

Breaking news – my chin hates me. Call it a case of adult acne or maybe years of my skin behaving is now backfiring, but ever since around April time this year my chin has been breakout central. I’m not talking a couple of blemishes here and there, if only it was that simple! You see dear readers, I have them all. Pimples, under the surface spots, small little bumps, you name it and it’s currently sprung up across my jawline. Why? If only I knew! I’ve tried a multitude of potions and lotions to try and combat the problem area but give it a couple days and a new cash of fresh hell is ready to appear. One thing that does help to calm the beast is masks. Back when I lived in Bournemouth I was religious with my skincare routine, every two nights there would be a skin saving mask plastered across my face but now I’m lucky if one gets applied a week and I wonder why my skin hates me ;) To help restore my skin to pre-breakout attack I am getting back into the routine and these mask saviours have been my holy grail.

To bring the nasties to the surface – if you have any of those below the surface spots, ya know the ones that sit tight and uncomfortable on your skin just taunting you throughout the day, then you need a charcoal based mask. These bring out all the impurities and the issue rises to the surface for it to be dealt with head on. For this I use my much loved Origins Clear Improvement Mask, which FYI I am onto my second bottle, and also the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Masque. Both of these dry onto the skin like clay and help to instantly bring to the surface any underlying issues.

To get rid of spots once they have risen – when the little swines have surfaced there is only one mask that I reach for, my saving grace is always the Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask. This has a very minty and tingling effect on the skin and after one application is reduces redness and calms down any areas of irritation. It is white and you may not want to rush to the front door once it’s been applied however there is no denying that this does exactly what it says on the bottle.

The all rounders – during those days when your skin is acting up but you’re not sure why, these masks pack a bit of extra oomph and power to help restore everything back to normal. Warning, they are both high up on the price bracket but after one application your skin will be glowing and those pesky blemishes will be reduced. I love both the GlamGlow Youth Mud Mask and Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask as they knock everything back into shape pronto and have your skin glowing and radiant as if there was no problem in the first place!

Have you tried any of these masks before? Which are your favourites when your skin is acting out?