After my rather indulgent spending spree of late, my poor little empties pouch has been looking rather feeble these last few months. Not many items have been added to the stash as I’ve been all about the new and less about the use up. Although my sights have been set on those brand spanking new goodies within my collection, I have been able to finish of a few things to share today with you. Not a groundbreaking bunch but worth while all the same :) A mixture of hair care and body it’s a rounded set so let’s dive in!

Clarins After Sun Moisturiser with Self Tan – I attribute my golden bronze tan from when I went to LA last year all thanks to this single product. Yes, the sunshine helps but I’m not a fan of laying out exposed in the blistering heat so I opt for the next best thing. This is a hydrating after sun lotion that also contains a smidge of self tan, after repeated application the bronze shade builds up and you are left with a pretty intense golden colour. I didn’t use it in Vegas and definitely missed the results!

Verdict – will repurchase for my next trip across the pond!

Phytovolume Actif Spray – Being on a constant quest for big and bouncy hair often leads me to trying out numerous sprays and potions that promise to give me that roof lift I desire. This spray does exactly what it says on the bottle and helps to give life to my tresses without weighing them down or causing my hair to go crispy. It doesn’t break the bank and gives a lovely finish to your locks that is super easy to achieve. Two big thumbs up from me for this volume spray.

Verdict – will repurchase once I have used up my current stash of volume sprays!

RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream Cleanser – A fan of coconuts and keeping my skin clean, it was a no brainer that I would eventually give this balm style cleanser a try. Smelling utterly divine you scrape off a small amount of product and warm it up between your fingers so it turns to an oil ready to be applied to your face. Massaged across your skin this lifts away makeup whilst leaving your face feeling cleansed yet nourished. No residue is left behind and you can try out this small tub for only £12.50.

Verdict – would repurchase

Phyto Exclusive 7 Day Cream* – Another Phyto product bites the dust, shock horror I am a bit of a fan of this haircare brand! This lightweight cream has become my new hair BFF and gets applied to damp and dry tresses, which is probably the reason why I have used it up so quickly! It tames frizz, fights dryness and stops my hair from turning into a massive fluff ball that can’t be tamed. There isn’t much more that needs to be said about this hair hero – my locks are in love!

Verdict – would repurchase

*pr sample