disapointing products

Although I like to keep things nice and positive over here on my space of the Internet, at times you can’t look past the fact that some products just end up letting you down. Whether they don’t live up to the hype or don’t work with your skin tone or hair type, you can’t always be best friends with all of the beauty products you try, believe me, I wish I could! Without becoming too much of a negative Nancy (sorry Nancy, you aren’t always negative I promise!) I wanted to share with you today a couple of hair products that just didn’t work for my tresses. I tried to make it happen, used them as instructed and even tried them in different ways, but no matter what I did, my hair held up it’s hands and declared the status of dislike. Gosh my hair can be such a drama queen at times ;)

My first run in with disappointment came in the form of the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray. After positive reports I picked up a mini bottle from Sephora and looked forward to giving it a try, starting with the smaller size I noted down the bigger bottle just incase I fell head over heels in love. Yes this doesn’t leave any grey or white residue in your hair, but that’s because it doesn’t do anything to your hair! No volume is imparted, no grease is reduced, nadda. I got through almost half a can waiting for the miracle to happen and I might as well continued spraying until it was empty as my hair looked no different. Celebrities and socialists may love Oscar Blandi but sadly you have not won me over.

Moving into the world of hair oils is the Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy*. On paper, this is everything your hair could possible need. Rich enough to be used as an overnight treatment or light enough to be used as a styling product. Perfect right? Not for fine hair like mine. The bottle itself is rather large and you have to pour the product out which instantly turned into a mess with oil everywhere. Once I had the product contained better I put a tiny amount onto damp hair and styled as normal. Sadly I was left with greasy hair that sat limp and lifeless. As opposed to my hair looking soft and shiny it looked like it needed a wash, desperately. For those with thicker and more stubborn hair this will work a treat but sadly it is too rich for my tresses.

Hold the phone – as I do not like the hyped about highstreet dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. Oh yes, Charles Worthington Texturising Spray* we are not friends. If you want a spray to leave a sticky residue in your hair and create a matted mess, then this is for you. Again, maybe it’s too strong for my fine hair, but boy did they not get along. The trick might be to spray from far away but no matter what I tried, the results were the same. Instead, the L’Oreal #TXT Volume Texturising Spray is my hairs BFF and it works a dream whilst smelling delicious!

*pr sample