I may have just been asleep for a sneaky 11 hours yet I’ve awoken feeling more tired then when my head hit the pillow. What’s that all about aye?! Going back to work has been hard to say the least. No daybeds by the pool allowing me to drift off into a dream filled slumber in the middle of the day, no frozen hot chocolates beckoning me to slurp up, as much as I love London I do really miss Vegas. As my mum says, as least I have the memories, but when you know a mere 24 hours ago you were looking out over a Strip of enticing possibilities, you just want to go back. One thing that has helped soften the return back to normal day lift, a huge bounty of makeup to play with every morning!

This Week I’ve Been…

Snuggling with the sweetest kitten that can’t really be called a kitten anymore – yes I missed this little fluff ball a bundle whilst I was away! She hasn’t left my side since I’ve been back and I haven’t left hers either ;)

Trying to get back onto the good wagon – you can only indulge in sundaes and sweet potato fries for so long, time to make cucumber my best friend again!

Realising I may have brought one too many lip products whilst I was away – I may need to work out a way to get two extra pairs of lips on my face to get through this bounty of eight I managed to bring home

Going to the theatre – to see one of my all time favourite films on the West End. 12 Angry Men is a brilliant film and to see it on stage with some big stars was incredible. Well worth going to see if you get the chance

The sign of a good restaurant – is when you see an Aesop hand cream and wash on display for you to use. Yes please! Not only that – they serve some of the best pizzas too, delicious

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