marc jacobs

It was inevitable that, when you take into consideration the sizeable haul I made in the States, a few palettes would work their way through security and back home with me. Don’t panic, by a few I only mean two but considering I have eyeshadows spilling out over my bedroom it’s hardly like these two additions were needed ;) But just look at them, take a moment, stop, and stare because believe me that’s what I did when I saw them sitting pride of place in Sephora. The first palette has now become a sort of initiation when you go to America. If you step foot across the border and call yourself a beauty lover, this will be in your grips. Shock horror I added to my collection the Marc Jacobs Lolita 206 Beauty Plush Shadow Palette. Complete indulgence overload but once you get a look at these buttery shadows that blend a dream you will have a handful of reasons why you need to add another seven nude shades into your life, I was able to come up with 10 ;)

The second palette was a complete spur of the moment find and something I didn’t actually know existed. Meet the Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Palette. A selection of 16 exquisite shades that grabbed my eye and I simply couldn’t put it down. From what I can see online this was just a QVC Special, however the Sephora by the Venetian had a bounty in stock. For only $38 I think that is a fab find and I’m so glad I didn’t listen to sense or reason and took one way with me. The shadow pans are pretty sizeable and the colour selection is beaut. A great mixture of matte and shimmer shades you can create the perfect eye look wherever you may be. Tarte don’t seem to make the most travel friendly palettes in the world buuuut you can’t deny they look the part of everything inside is well worth the price tag.

Please tell me I’m not alone in my obsession with eyeshadow palette! Especially those filled with gorgeous nude shades ;)