body shop

You may be fooled into thinking that once I returned from the States I would be locking my wallet away, banishing myself from the beauty halls and doing everything in my power to ensure that I didn’t spend anymore pennies on beauty products, buuuut that would just be a tad incorrect! For those of you that thought I would take such sensible measures, all I have to say to you is, fooooey! Let’s just put the cards on the table and speak honestly for a moment shall we, it’s sale season and I have a problem. I’m one of those people that either buys everything in sight or I save as if I would cry if I had to spend a single pound. Clearly my spending button has been squished down and tapped into spend mode as that’s all I can do moment. Literally can’t be stopped.

Luckily these new additions were picked up in the sale, the Body Shop sale, and they are items I have wanted for a while. See, spending isn’t so bad ;) To help alleviate the problem areas of my skin I’m stripping back my routine to the basics. Part of this included purchasing the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil as I wanted something soothing and kind for sensitive skin. A soft cleanser this still banishes makeup but does so in a calm and caring manner. Used as my first cleanser this lifts away makeup without irritating my skin underneath.

The second purchase was a ‘hyped so need but really don’t need’ kinda item. The Aloe Lip Care I hardly needed a new lip balm but I just couldn’t resist popping this into the online bag in the midst of the sale excitement. It is as gorgeous as they say and it nourishes my dry and chapped lips without leaving a thick and greasy film over them. It comes in a squeezy tube so gets plus five points to Body Shop from me. Even though it is impossible to find in store, it seems pretty easy to get a hold of online.