This week has been all about the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Yesterday marked my final day on the show I’ve been working on since October. My first London show I’ve learnt an incredible amount, worked extremely hard and met some truly lovely people. I’m going to miss them a lot and it’s only now I realise how much of a security blanket they have become to me. Monday it’s onto the next project! Another film that is also delivering so no sign of life being returned as of yet, but new challenges await. At least I have a holiday looming in two weeks time which is proving to be a great distraction!

This Week I’ve Been…

Trying out some new haircare – again because anything that can help out with this dry and frizzy mess is a blessing!

Potentially putting an order in on Cult Beauty – what can I say, they just happen to stock the most perfect starter kit of a branding I’ve been dying to try out

Having a skincare consultation with Clinique – and having a nosey around their current bonus time offer. I may have added one or two items to my wish list!

Eating delicious falafel – and learning that asparagus is actually rather delicious!

Spending some snuggle time – with the growing kitten that is now so big it makes my heart weep! She is still just adorable but boy do they grow up fast!

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