Get ready guys – as today is a cause for celebration. It’s the first bank holiday weekend this year that I’ve not been at work and to top it all off, instead of going into the office on Tuesday I will be taking a bit of a detour and heading to Heathrow instead! Holiday time is upon us and my out of office has been set (and tested!) Bags may not be packed yet but I do however have a massive grin on my face that won’t shift. Nail appointment is booked and it’s time to get myself ready for two weeks of sunshine…bliss!

This Week I’ve Been…

Embracing bolder lips – to celebrate the little sunshine we have and also because evey Friday should be a bold lip day!

Having little success looking after an orchid – seriously, what do you do with them?! I’ve watered it, not watered it, moved it away from direct sunlight and still it looks like each flower is dying. This is why plants should not be given to me as gifts

Snooping out a rather fun looking 3D picture – at Waterloo where you can have your snap taken and win some goodies with Travelodge

Obsessing over the best smelling candle I’ve ever had the pleasure of sniffing – however I still haven’t lit the wick yet, it’s just too good to burn!

Looking out over glorious views of London – whilst spending the weekend with some of the best people in my life

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