selgridges beauty project
selgridges beauty project

The Beauty Project at Selfridges

If you’ve been down to Selfridges recently or popped onto their website, you may have see a whole lotta pink and a bundle of hype surrounding The Beauty Project. Launched on the 1st May this is the stores biggest ever celebration of beauty and aims to raise awareness on a number of different beauty issues. To mark this big drive Selfridges have over 80 exclusive products launching throughout the six week campaign and combined with the advertisement you will see around the UK and online, this is the store’s largest beauty campaign to date. High ten for beauty lovers!

The Beauty Project is there to explore the meaning of beauty and what society today perceives to be a beautiful person. Alongside an impressive chunk of exclusive products Selfridges are also holding panels, lectures and in store events to discuss this matter and get people talking about what they think being beautiful means. There are eight characters photographed for the campaign and they have all been picked to depict a different take on the word beauty. One of the events being held in London features the sensational Charlotte Tilbury but there are also lifestyle and fitness talks with one even being held by Elle Macpherson herself!

As you can see from the bounty of products pictured above Selfridges have an impressive range of beauty favourites that you can snap up during the campaign. With the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer being one of my holy grail items and a Kiehl’s Facial Cleanser thrown in too, all your beauty needs are catered for. Also do I spot a rather illusive orange packaging for some rather hyped up face wipes?! Needless to say there is something for everyone so it’s well worth taking a look and seeing what’s on offer. What do you think of the beauty campaign? Will you be getting involved? Are you keen to discuss and raise the issue on what is deemed beautiful in society today?

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