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My BFF and yours, Beyonce, may have been singing about drinking in Drunk In Love but all I’ve managed to do since setting foot in this town is shopping with a side snippet of drinking ;) A few of my friends have bore witness to the madness that is my spreadsheet shopping list and without further ado I hot footed my way over to the Forum at Ceasers Palace and spent a whole lotta dough. Before I unleashed the madness that is my wallet, I let myself take a mini time out and indulge in a spot of breakfast. I had missed out on dinner the night before so it was only fitting that this meal was a feast. Mum and I headed to a place called Hash House a Go Go which is opposite the Forum. Expect a bit of a wait when you head here but after 15 minutes are names were called. We indulged in French Toast with pecans and caramelised bananas cooked in cinnamon. As we were in the States this was topped off with a side of eggs and deliciously crispy smoked bacon. The photo doesn’t do this dish justice – the joy of every place in Vegas having no natural light!

Shopping in Vegas is on another level with every store and mall offering more then your heart could desire. You see that elaborate tree house flower display above? Yup that was just sitting casually in the reception area of the Bellagio hotel. At the heart of the Forum you have a big water fountain display topped off with light show, Cheesecake Factory restaurant and mini aquarium. Once I had managed to pick up my jaw from the floor for the hundredth time, we shopped. Aside from the damage in duty free (FYI the perfect place to pick up a Tom Ford lipstick with a pretty decent discounted price tag) I was raring to go with the American shops. Two MAC lipsticks later, Peach Blossom and Patisserie you are finally mine, I snapped up more than my fair share of goodies from Victoria Secret and then spent up a storm in one of the biggest Sephora’s I have ever been in.

Shout out to the gorgeous new fragrance from Victor and Rolf that not only comes in the shape of a purple bow, cuteness alert, it also smells divine. Five items for $30 in Victoria Secret is a no brainer and I may finally have got my hands on the Kate Somerville infamous Goat Milk Moisturiser. Also, if you are looking to grab yourself a Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, the only place I have managed to successful snap one up is abroad! Today the plan is to relax by the pool and give my wallet the day off. That being said – with the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile staring at me from across the street it won’t be long before the second load of damage commences!