Omorovicza 6 Piece Introductory Kit

It was only a matter of time before I succumbed and added a few items from this powerhouse skincare range into my routine. It took a while, thanks to their rather luxe prices, however after spying a mini set on Cult Beauty, it was like there was a sign telling that the wait was over. My time of staring adoringly at reviews online was over and this Omorovicza Introductory Kit had to be mine. There may have been a moment where I had to hold myself back from slapping everything on at once, but boy was I glad when this set landed on my doorstep.

Quelle surprise, the items I was most eager to try were the Queen of Hungry Mist, Thermal Cleansing Balm and Deep Cleansing Mask. Individually, these are a skincare dream, but paired together and something truly magical happens to your skin. The aromatherapy fragrance paired with oodles of skincare benefits means that each item works wonders, when you read the  ingredients list it’s no wonder your face is left glowing and radiant after use. The Cleansing Foam isn’t stripping like the name suggests and the Illuminating Moisturiser helps to restore a natural sheen to my dull skin. The only pot that might go slightly amiss is the Instant Plumping Cream.

If you want to try out the range like myself, this is a perfect place to start. I have already added the majority of these items to my holiday makeup bag as they are fab travel sizes and my skin adores them. The cleansing mask has managed to save my blemish prone skin when nothing else shifted the problem areas and the cleansing balm is an indulgent treat. The Queen of Hungry Mist smells lovely but with my Caudalie Beauty Elixer solving every skincare emergency, this may just stay in mini size. Have you tried any anything from Omorovicza? Are you intrigued by this set?