Over the years beauty brands have been launching across the pond and into our humble highstreets. En route they have made their way pretty swifty into our hearts and stocked up our makeup bags. A brand that has done as such is Smashbox. Avaialble in most larger Boots they have a pretty impressive range of their makeup offerings all the way from sunny LA. Personally, Smashbox always reminds me of TV shows such as The Hills and The City. I have a funny feeling Lo did an internship there and scenes were shot at the studio. Anways, enough of going on a tangent, back to the important issue at hand – what are their products actually like?

From the selection pictured above, they can be categorised as either hit, or miss. Some, are utter gems and I wish I knew about them before, however the others give you a prime opportunity to save your pennies. The Hits? Camera Ready BB Cream for Eyes with SPF 15 and a new launch of lip gloss that will be finding it’s way to shelves in May. A stunning pink colour called Pout the formula is a winner an it gives a lovely sheen to the lips. The BB Eye Cream provides a great brightening coverage under the eyes that not only hides away pesky bags, it also highlights and lifts a dream.

The Misses? The Camera Ready CC Cream in SPF30 and Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara. Both of these left little to be desired and unfortunately are not items I would be in a rush to recommend to my friends. The CC Cream provides little coverage to the skin and was as if I hadn’t applied anything at all. For the price, a whopping £29, step away from the count and put those pound coins into a money jar. In terms of the mascara, although many rav about the lengthening and volumising properties this holds, they were both lost on me. Flat lashes with zero life, sorry Smashbox looks like you are are a bit like marmite!

*pr sample