What’s that? The year has gone quickly? I wouldn’t know as I haven’t had a chance to stop and see it ;) This month I bring to you a fairly small selection of favourites, but each individual item has been loved so much, they have been used on a daily basis. Not only are they monthly favourites, they are firm staples now. With the weather getting slightly warmer I’ve found that a stripped back base and natural look has been all I’ve been wearing throughout the week. I’ve still been popping on eyeliner daily (honestly never thought this would happen!) but by pairing it with a natural finish and soft shadow it still looks effortless. I’ve also managed to get the application down to a super speedy time! Enough chit chat – onto the favourites!

Nars NARSISSIT Palette – if I had my way this would be in every single favourites post from this moment onwards. A tad boring for you guys understandably, but totally necessary  It is a beau, impossible to get hold, but if you can, snap it up and never look back! The shadows are gorgeous, the combinations you can put together are divine and although some of the pigmentation is a tad questionable, it’s all too beautiful to hold it against it.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Shine Gloss – falling in love with a gloss is one thing, but falling in love with one that costs less then £10 is nearly unheard of. Sticky formulas and vanishing pigments is what springs to mind but this gloss changes those preconceptions. A soft pinky coral shade worn alone of slicked over your favourite lipstick this looks a dream and there is no sticky gloop in sight.

Moxi Angled Buffing Brush* – whenever I picked up a brush to blend out my concealer it was always small, domed and fluffy. I would question those that selected a large buffing brush to perform a precise job around delicate eye areas and sections of redness. That was until I gave this brush a whirl with my much loved Nars Creamy Concealer. This buffs away product to leave flawless skin behind and does it in seconds. It’s love!

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream* – it has already been well documented on this blog how much I adore this hybrid moisturiser/tinted moisturiser. It’s natural base gives me a dewy glow and enhances the good parts of my skin whilst masking the others. Applied with my hands this blends into the skin and looks undetectable  Only a bit of concealer and power is needed and then healthy looking skin is yours!

*pr sample