Packing. Does anyone else find this chore the bane of going on holiday? Currently I should be popping my belongings into a suitcase but shock horror I’ve found another way to procrastinate – blogging! I’ve managed to pretty much pick out all my clothes for my upcoming trip (personally the worst part of packing) and then I tend to leave all my beauty bits until the last minute as otherwise I will end up packing every single item I own. I am a creature of comfort and habit so trying to think what I might want to wear each day when in an unknown country proves to be a little taxing. What if I wake up one day and hate everything I own? Dramatic, I know.

We are so used to everything we need being in arms reach that when you are thrown into a new location, you worry you might leave an essential item at home. Who knows when the urge might strike for a deep purple smokey eye with a hint of blue liner? From my time working in Bournemouth I became a packing pro. Weekends back to the city meant that I knew what the essentials were and could scrummage them all into a holdall quicker then you could ask why I was packing three types of root boosters.

This time around I’m trying to be a good packer and only focus only on those items I use in my daily routine. I doubt this trip will be the defining moment that I succumb to a need for pastel chalk colours in my hair so I’m hoping I can leave that inciting looking pink hair colour at home. I also have a thing for decanting so currently in my sight line are about 10 bottles filled up with various potions and lotions. As long as the bottles are small it doesn’t matter that I’m taking a lot of them…right ;) When you travel what are your essentials? Do you hate having to choose what to take away with you?