Moxi Makeup Brushes*

Makeup brushes – one of the key items when it comes to perfecting a flawless base. Your tools can be half the battle when your trying to achieve a natural yet enhanced base. Ensuring you have a few key brushes in your collection can make all the difference. As it’s well documented I am a big fan of the Real Technique brushes. Affordable, amazing quality and they wash a dream. It’s hard for me to pick up another brush knowing how brilliant these are, but sometimes, in the name of research, you’ve gotta give another brand a whirl. New onto the scene are Moxi Brushes. An affordable range of luxury brushes they have a catchy rose gold design and an impressive range of brushes available that are hard to pass by.

From initial impression it was the design of the brush that caught my eye. Simple, sleek and with a hint of colour to make them stand out, they look impressive in your makeup bag or on display. The range looks professional even though the brushes won’t cost you an entire months pay cheque and the quality of the brushes can be seen from the handle to the brush itself. Looks aside, do the brushes stand up in comparison to the stiff competition they have? Expectations were high and I’ve been know to be a tad fussy when it comes to which brushes I choose to use.

Luckily I was not left disappointed. The stand out winner in my eyes is their take on the buffing brush. It gives you a flawless finish and buffs your base in so it is undetectable on the skin. The angle means you can get into any small areas or creases and it feels super soft when used. I’ve also developed a soft spot for their nifty designed eyeliner brushed. Perfect for any liner noobs out there, the bend in the brush gives you the an easy cat eye in one simple sweep. Their M1 Goat Hair Powder Brush has already had a few shedding moments which is unfortunate, but after washing the brushes it’s clear that the quality is up there with the rest. If you are looking for an alternative brush line or just want to expand your collection, this is a great place to start.

*pr sample