And so another week bites the dust and here I am, first day of the weekend, Saturday is upon us and I am back in the office. SOB ALERT. Apart from telling everyone and his dog my woes in life I have also been trying to get over the chocolate induced heart attack I gave myself on Sunday and plan fun excursions for the rest of the year. There is something about having plans in the diary that helps to focus my mind. It gives me something to look forward to, to plan towards and to buy things for ;) Any excuse to go shopping!

This Week I’ve Been…

Eating far too much chocolate then any human should in their lifetime – but after giving it up for Lent can you blame me? ;)

Taking adorable pictures of an adorable cat – you can’t blame me. This post wouldn’t be the same without a few kitten pictures thrown in for good measure! But look at her hiding under the winter coats *cute alert*

Wondering how it’s humanly possible to complete a soul mate quiz on the OC – and end up with Oliver! Firstly, he should never be an option and secondly, the fact I got him as my soul mate is an alarming fact that I need to sit down and think very strongly about.

Smiling so much – during my one bank holiday day off from work and refusing to leave the house. It was one blissful Sunday!

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