Guess what dear Internet friends – I’m at work again *shock horror* That tiny violin from yesterday is suddenly getting a lot larger ;) Enough of my sorrows let’s focus on the positives – food and drink. They are such beautiful things and make any situation better, especially when a week has involved cakes, Mexican and Pho! I know, I’ve been a lucky girl and indulging in the high life. Alongside inciting my taste buds, cuddling my fluffy friend and counting down the days until Lent ends I’ve also been on the holiday hunt. Please tell me I’m not the only one that has to buy an entire new wardrobe everytime they go on holiday! Three new pairs of shoes isn’t excessive I promise…!

This Week I’ve Been…

Drinking cocktails – in posh London bars whilst gossiping about life with the best of friends

Knowing that you shouldn’t be at work on Good Friday – as if you do you will be the only person at the station trying to get into central London!

Eating cakes – and chinwagging about the latest new beauty goodies from one of my favourite brands Antipodes

Shocker Mexican food with Waccha being one of my fav restaurants any excuse to swing by and have a quesadilla (or two!) is a good enough excuse in my books

Surviving a bank holiday weekend at work by online shopping!

Kitten and sunshine – two of my favourite things at the moment <3

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