sunday share

Joyous Sundays – a day that is dedicated to pampering, face masks and pancakes. My only wish is that I could indulge in all three everyday ;) After a bit of a heavy night last night the skin detox is in full force. It’s all about the clarifying face masks to help draw out any impurities and aid in restoring my skin back to it’s former less grey self. At the moment I currently have the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque slathered on my face which is one of my fool proof masks that I always go back to. It drys on the skin like a clay mask and it works away to combat any blemishes or areas of congestion.

When applying masks I always use a traditional foundation brush. Might seem a tad strange but I find it prevents me from over application and also it keeps things nice and tidy. This Moxi O1 Taklon Foundation Brush* is the perfect size and shape to evenly distribute the mask whilst ensuring any small areas are reached and covered. Also for masks that come in a tub like this Aesop one I find it prevents grubby hands from making a mess. After this mask I am going to pop on a healthy does of my much loved Origins Drink Up Intensive to pep up my hydration levels.

The only thing left to do is light a candle, pop on Scandal (FYI already hooked and may have got through the first season in only a handle of days) and snuggle up under a warm and cozy blanket. If anyone needs, me communication can happen once pancakes are handed over.

*pr sample