jurlique moisturiser

Jurlique Soothing Moisturiser Cream – £28*

Show of hands – is anyone else a red cheek sufferer like me? I’m not talking about those rosy apples that shine through on a brisk Winter’s day, I’m talking about a constant shade of red poking through your foundation and beaming out for the world to see. Granted, this isn’t the worse feature to have on your skin, however it’s nice to know that there is a product within your skincare routine that is working away to help restore your cheeks to a more natural shade. This is where the Jurlique moisturiser will become your new best friend.

The Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream helps to offer aid and comfort to sensitive skin. By containing a slight yellow hue, areas of inflammation and redness are instantly neutralised. Irritations are calmed and you are left with a more even base to start you makeup routine with. Not only does this help to tend to those pesky areas, it also packs a punch in the hydration department. Containing a band of fatty acids they act as a barrier to protect against external pollutants whilst ensure moisturise levels are kept topped up.

A little goes a long way with this cream and the 40ml bottle is perfect for travelling. I’ve found since using it I can see a difference in my overly rosy cheeks. Understandably they haven’t been banished completely but if they did, I would look like a ghost! Instead this helps to prevent them from looking angry throughout the day and stops me needing to pop on as much concealer to try and mute them. Less of a requirement throughout Spring but come Winter, this will be my go to moisturiser pick.

*pr sample