Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment

Band wagon 20 years too late anyone? Nope, just me?! Trying to write a post five years too late about a product that the entire World (and their dog) has already reviewed, proves to be a rather taxing task! All the words have already been said and shared yet I here I am still feeling the need to share mine. The reason behind this sudden spur in sharing is due to the fact that I have finally, I know deep breath people, finally tried out the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. How have I not managed to smother my hair in this much hyped hair treatment is beyond me but I put it down to the fact that this is a pre-wash treatment and I always manage to find something better to do then walk around the house in a hair cap for 20 minutes. Finally after a duration of dry and unruly hair I bit the bullet and treated myself to a pamper treatment that involved this mask.

If you haven’t heard of this mask you may have been hiding under a rock. It has won an InStyle Best Beauty Buy for Best Deep Conditioning Mask and has been classed by many as a hair saviour. It helps to add strength, reduce breakage all whilst giving your tresses intense hydration. Post treatment you are left with bouncy hair that boosts excellent shine. From the initial treatment I noticed a massive difference to the condition of my hair, so much so it exceeded my expectations. Not only did my hair look visibly different, you could feel the improvement from root to tip. The dry ends have vanished and instead they were replaced by manageable hair that held shape and style. Potentially my hair felt slightly too squeaky clean but compared to what was going on before it was an incredible improvement. Whether I will be rushing out to purchase the full size pot I am still on the fence, but I can already tell that this travel size version is going to be used up to every last drop.