favourite 2013

The last group of favourites to round up the year of 2013 is the group of haircare, nails and etc. Those products that club together to help finish off your beauty routine and leave everything looking polished and taken care of. Not the largest group of products you will ever see but enough that are worthy of a post and mention for being the best in 2013.

Batiste Lace – One of the most beauty devastating moments of 2013 was when I found out my favourite can of Batiste was being discontinued. The only one that didn’t leave a grey cast in your hair I may have panic bought in bulk enough cans to see me through until something else can fill it’s boots. Batiste Lace – you will forever be loved! (And yes this can was released in 2012 but it is still just a great and worthy of a top spot in 2013 as well!)

Electric Preparation Spray* – When it comes to using heat protector on my hair I am a bit of a floozy. I often forget and when I have remembered it is usually too late. This is where this little beaut comes in as it can be used on damp or dry hair. Packed full of nourishing oils and heat protecting ingredients this was a saviour when I was away on holiday and in the sun for the majority of the day. It helped to keep my hair in great condition and the addition of including UV protection, it quickly became a hair saviour.

Evon Candle in Winter Apple* – As soon as 2013 got cold again I turned to candles and became a complete addict. One who was usually able to remain sensible when it came to this department, I threw utter caution to the wind and covered my bedroom in candles. With so many candles occupying one space it can be hard to pick a favourite but this year it was an easy choice. The Evon Candle in Winter Apple is the most gorgeous spiced winter fragrance that burns a dream and picking up this candle to add to your collection doesn’t break the bank either.

Cuticle Tool & Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover – Look at me caring for my cuticles! An aspect of my nails that I rarely gave a second glance, this cuticle tool and remover means dealing with those pesky areas became quick and easy. The Cuticle Cutter helps when anything needs to be more forcefully removed and FYI, it is a dream if you get a hang nail! Paired with the Sally Hansen Remover that almost dissolves them away, the results are like cuticles have never been a problem!

Phyto Phytovolume Actif Spray – Always being on the hunt for volume and added oomph a spray incorporated into my haircare routine that provides such effects is a must. My heart used to lie with the Philip Kinglsey Maximiser but in 2013 it drifted into the world of Phyto. This spray works to give lift to the roots of my hair and doesn’t work against my fine and straight tresses. Instead this helps to give an effortlessly volumised glam look to an everyday hairstyle.

*pr sample