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Whoops – look at me being super naughty and uploading a late edition of this weeks Super Saturday post ;) What a rebel I have become! To be fair, my Super Saturday item is partly to blame for the reason behind the latest-ness of this post. Oh yes it is Christmas movie time! To help me feel all festive and part of my countdown to Christmas, I watch one of my fav Christmas films each week. The same films every year and without fail they help to spread the festive cheer. My personal fav and the most classic choice is White Christmas. I can’t count how many times I have watched this film but each year it gets another viewing, even throughout my time in Bournemouth! From the songs to the outfits it is a winner every time.

A new addition to the Christmas movie list that isn’t pictured above is Muppets Christmas Carol. We had a screening of this last night in the cinema at work with a few drinks and nibbles before hand. Almost everyone had adorned a Christmas jumper and there is something about a sing a long film with friends that helps to make everyone feel that bit more festive. Is it wrong to admit that these films also have me believing in Santa just that little bit more?! Everyone has their own special traditions during this time of year and I love nothing more then sitting down in a Christmas jumper, snuggling under a snowflake blanket and indulging in a slice of yule log whilst watching one of the above films. Christmas perfection!