The Chelsea Day Spa

Firstly, apologies for the stock images. I’m not one to revert to such things when it comes to putting a blog post together but unless you wanted to see a blurred iPhone snap of me with my head on a massage table (not a good sight trust me) I figured these put together pictures would be the best option. Also what I am going to share with you today doesn’t really require any photos, on no friends today is ‘let’s use our imagination day’! The reason behind all this is because on Tuesday evening I popped along to the almighty Kings Road and paid a visit to the The Chelsea Day Spa.

Not one to often visit spas or have massages this was a real treat. The spa itself is tucked away on a side road directly off the hustle and bustle of the busy highstreet. As soon as you walk through the doors you are instantly transported to a place of calm and serenity. Split across a number of different floors each treatment room has everything you need for a relaxing and luxurious experience. I opted for a Deep Tissue Massage* which is the first one I have ever had. Not sure of what to expect I opted for ‘deep’ pressure and informed the masseuse that I am currently experiencing tenseness in my shoulders and back – the joys of a desk job!

The massage itself was incredible. Having never experiencing anything like it I did find the pressure to be a bit much in places. One of those things you need to fight through in order to gain the full benefits. From the massage I was told my spine is slightly twisted and I have knots in my shoulders. I was given stretches to do which will help to correct these problem areas and already I want to go back again. I can feel the difference after having the massage and the advise and information afterwards means I know how to correct and look after my back and neck. The staff at the Chelsea Day Spa are lovely and super knowledgeable and they currently have a range of Spa Gift Ideas to treat yourself to.

*press visit