I’ve tried Bubble Tea a couple of times before and haven’t been 100% sold on the idea. I know there are some that rave after it and lots of shops are now popping up around town due to high demand, but unfortunately this hype has bypassed me. One aspect however that has caught my attention (shock horror) are the beauty products. Bare with me on this one, but this range called Bubble T Cosmetics is crafted to include rich tea based infusions alongside fruit essence and extracts. This is aimed at giving you the benefits of tea from your beauty goodies. Nifty aye

Hibiscus & Acid Berry Restoring Body Lotion – £10 currently on sale for £8*

A super thick and luxurious body lotion containing shea butter alongside a number of antioxidant ingredients, once applied these work together to restore the skin and provide it with ultimate hydration. The lotion itself sinks into the skin without leaving behind a sticky residue and it helps to promote circulation throughout your skin. A scrumptious body lotion that will keep everything in tip top condition.

Lemongrass & Green Tea Stimulating Fizzing Bath Bomb – £6 currently on sale for £4.80*

These till bath bombs smell utterly incredible. As soon as the cap comes off you can instantly smell their gorgeous aroma. I like to put a couple in a bath and the fizz up to create a desiccant bath time treat. The scent helps to invigorate and stimulate the senses whilst heeling you feel refreshed afterwards.

Moroccan Mint Reviving Hand Cream – £5 currently on sale for £4*

This little hand cream has quickly become a handbag essential. In gorgeous Moroccan Mint from the fragrance to the formula is wins in every category. Providing nourishment to dry hands whilst making them feel alive afterwards, you don’t have any issues with tacky hands after application. The almond oil combined with the shea butter is a real treat and makes this hand cream extra special.

*pr sample