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B. Replenished Anti Oxidant Boost Facial Oil – £9.99*

Following on from bath oils yesterday I am sticking with those nourishing goodies and bringing to you today an edition for your face. Yes my aim may be to encourage you to cover your body head to toe in oil, but considering the current cold weather can you blame me ;) Not only is this facial oil brimming to the top with Vitamins and hydrating oils, it also comes in at a budget friendly price point. From the brand B. at Superdrug they have brought to the market two oils aimed at boosting your skins hydration levels whilst combating the signs of ageing. With the Enriched Restorative Facial Oil aimed at more mature skin, the Replenished option helps to maintain and protect youthful skin.

It’s easy to assume that products like these are full of cheap nasties that will break you out if caught anywhere near your skin. Understandably anything that is mass produced to a high level and is a money saving option can contain a few cheapy ingredients, however after using this oil for a few weeks my skin can only sing it’s praises. The oil sinks in a dream and doesn’t leave my hands or face feeling greasy after application. With Vitamin C and E popped inside your youthful glow can be maintained. Not only that to prevent dry patches and an uneven texture you also have rose hip, argan and crambe-seed oil to fulfil every nourishment wish.

With soft and supple skin as the result, it’s hard to go wrong with this budget option. A great way to dip your toe into the facial oil market and provide your skin with the TLC and protection it needs to survive through these harsh cold winds. The glass bottle still looks elegant sitting on your dressing table alongside the rest of your skincare goodies and popped on at night this bottle with see you through to Spring.

*pr sample