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Being volume obsessed when it comes to the hair care department results in my draws and cupboards spilling over with styling products, tools and devices that aid in injecting some much needed oomph to my tresses. Anything that claims to give you that illusive volume gets put to the test and after much trial and error I have found a few stand out heroes that do the trick and work wonders. None of the above bevy of haircare beauties leaves any dreaded product buildup and in my fine hair they remain undetectable.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray – I go through phases with this cult classic surf spray and I either spray it religiously after I’ve washed my hair or it falls to the back of the pile. This doesn’t give me instant beach waves however it does help to add a bit of hold and grit to my hair whilst making it thicker at the roots. Full review here

Phytovolume Actif Spray – this is the best volume spray that I have tried out so far and works at really thickening each strand. It doesn’t create product build up nor does it end up weighing my hair down. A lot of thickening sprays available at the moment can make quite a dent in your wallet but this is a more purse friendly option that still works a dream. Full review here

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dry Spun Finish* – if my hair is having a particularly fine day this spray soon knocks it into shape and gives me the lift and life my naturally straight hair can’t achieve on it’s own. Similar to the Oribe offering I find this works better for daily oomph and hold as opposed to intense volume. Full review here

Bumble and Bumble Dressing Creme* – another B&B product!? What can I say when it comes to volume and texture they have a range full of products that will keep your tresses in check. I work this cream into damp hair to give hold if I am looking at creating a particular style. It helps to prevent any flyways and stops my hair from feeling so squeaky clean. Full review here

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray – this product has won the status of HG haircare product and rightly so. Even though the price is painstakingly high boy does it do the trick and oh so well. Just a couple of spritzes gives you an instant backcombed effect that lasts all day and a little goes a long way. One I save for special hair occasions. Full review here

*pr sample