This week’s Super Saturday is a little different, instead today features a sneak peak into a pretty special product that will have it’s own dedicated post here very soon. I simply couldn’t wait for that time to come and just had to had to share it with you now. The product in question is a Liquid Eye Liner* from the cute cosmetic brand Paul and Joe. This is my first foray into the brand and so far I am pretty darn impressed. From their cute packaging to their brilliant formulas they have won me over. Not one to opt for eyeliner everyday I’ve dabbled around with a few makes and formulas over the years but nothing has ever left me thinking ‘wow’. A Sephora offering came closed but sadly ran out far too quickly for my liking. This however is, dare I say it, perfection.

What makes this eyeliner so brilliant? First of all it has a nifty pop cap which securely covers the nib to help it keep its shape and also prevent it from drying out. Secondly with this pen I have been able to achieve the thinnest and more precise line. No smudging or over application appears here. The super pigmented colour means you have a jet black neat line across your lid and the formula doesn’t fade away so you are left with intense colour from start to finish. For an eyeliner noob this is also super easy to use and means I have ventured into the world of cat eyes, flicks and daily liner wear. Something I thought I would never say!

*pr sample