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That’s right dearest readers – today I am unleashing my inner geek and talking all things electronic. Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration as instead of talking all thing electronic I am actually putting all my focus onto one single item, the iPhone. By no means is this a recent discovery or something that you haven’t heard of before, but ever since going iPhone (it was a momentous day when it finally happened) I can’t see myself going back. I’ve had two iPhones so far – starting off with the 4 and now I am welcoming the the 5s into my life. Although hideously expensive and as sad as it is, I don’t know where I would be sometimes without it.

Apart from general contact with friends and family, social media and time checking trains, upgrading to the new iPhone has also opened up a number of doors in terms of blogging. The iPhone 5s is lightening speeds faster then my 4 and the bigger screen makes it easier and more inviting for you to read blogs or catchup on some YouTube videos. A faster phone coupled with unlimited internet (giff gaff I love you!) means that my daily commute is no longer dead time. The Bloglovin app is a dream to use and my morning overground train is the perfect length of time to watch the latest Shaytards video.

After having my 4 for a good four years (funny that!) I was happy as larry and put off getting the new iPhones as they filtered through every year. What wasn’t broke didn’t need fixing in my eyes but after a year with a busted lock button and the slowdown of iOS7 on an old device, an upgrade was needed. I splashed out on the 5s knowing it would be with me for a while and I wanted the fastest offering Apple had. As lame as it sounds it is incredible to use and it really shows how slow my plodding old 4 was. For ease of use, compatibility with apps and ability to read blogs on a clear and long screen, it’s an iPhone every time in my eyes!