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Eye creams are blooming awesome. Oh yes I’ve changed my tune when it comes to these little wonder pots as you may remember a number of weeks ago I shared my seven step skincare routine that didn’t even mention the use of an eye cream. Now it is a completely different story as thanks to early mornings, late nights, busy days and dull commutes, I rely on something extra that is dedicated to perking up my eye area and making me look more awake when I am not. I’ve always struggled with deep-set bags under my eyes (which I’ve been told is hereditary and can’t be solved boo) but this drastic change in hours has resulted in puffy eyes that look darker and more solemn. Something had to be done!

The eye cream that I have used for the longest is the Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair (that I reviewed back in the day here). This works wonders when it comes to lightening and brightening and I even resort to applying this before and after my shower for maximum effect. Verging on holy grail status this really helps to keep me looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. Next onto the scene was the Origins GinZing Eye Cream that also aids in brightening the eye area. I’ve found however this works better at providing hydration alongside the brightening element and therefore use this before bed. It isn’t as brightening in comparison to the Liz Earle Cream however it does help to keep the sensitive and delicate skin around my eyes hydrated and supple.

Last up is the Clinique All About Eyes Rich which I conveniently received in a good bag after some Clinique hauling. I wasn’t personally recommended the rich version of this cream as it is formulated to be heavier and more intensive, but whenever I have been wearing a lot of eye makeup or my eyes feel dry and tired this is the only thing that will knock them back into shape. With the highest level of hydration this injects instant moisture back into the skin around my eyes and prevents them from dragging or sagging – always needed after a night out! Although I can still be a bit of a floozy when it comes to eye creams they really do work and care for that delicate skin around your eyes.