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Bit of a random ‘Super Saturday’ post today but one I felt rather necessary following a flurry of Instagram comments last night. As I am sure you are all well aware, I am a Batiste addict. My flat and thin hair needs oomph when it comes to styling and help in terms of surviving a second day post wash. My first introduction to the brand I relate to a hallelujah moment within my life and since forming a strong bond I have put pretty much all of their cans to the test. As you can see, no clues in guessing that my favourite one by far is Lace.

When Lace was first released (you can read my review all about it here) I expected the standard Batiste formula – don’t spray too close to the roots as your hair will become grey and turn to grit but just the right amount brushed through will work wonders. What I wasn’t expecting was a formula that didn’t leave a trace. Maybe the clue is all in the name but I was never presented with that white or dulled out hair following a rather intense spraying session. Sadly after over a year long love affair I go to Boots and Superdrug to stock back up and the shelves are noticeably missing my favourite can.

Horror struck and to Twitter I ran to share my disbelief. After a lot of Tweeting and a quick email to their PR company the rumours are true – Lace has been discontinued. Not content that there would never be another can in my life I ensued an online to hunt for a replacement. Luckily I stumbled across Chemist Direct who not only sell this magical can, they do so in bulk. Without thinking twice I hit order and now I am already debating placing another ;) Praise the hair heavens this is back in my life and Batiste either bring this back or something similar.