Happy Sunday you lovely bunch of people! I know on every favourites post, and especially around this time of year, all you hear is ‘hasn’t this year gone fast?!’ well, I actually think it is speeding up for me. Days are becoming weeks in a flash and seven days fly by in front of my face. One minute it’s Monday morning and then before you know it you are waking up to Thursday and it’s all nearly over again. Even though it’s early November I am starting to get into the festive spirit, though those of you who have already finished all their Christmas shopping – I shake my head in disbelief!

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Smokey eyes and curly hair | Who said you can’t buy makeup before 9am on a Monday morning? | Already setting up some exciting plans for next year | Starting to feel festive thanks to Soap & Glory | Necessary repurchases | Too soon or not soon enough?

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