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Conscious Skincare Grapefruit Lemon and Cedarwood Body Butter – £18.99*

My body lotion expectations and experiences have just reached a whole new level – never did I think this day would come but since opening and applying this new form of body butter I now feel that every lotion I pick up should be the same way. If you are a reader of this blog you would already have seen this newbie pop up in my body lotion post last week (you can read all about it here), although it has already had a little mention it seemed fitting that an entire post be dedicated to this magical body butter that brings things to a whole new playing field (is that the saying?!) Not only that, this new formula comes from an even newer brand on the market that develops and sells handmade goodies from the majestic Wales (can you tell I am part Welsh :P)

Conscious Skincare are brand that creates skincare products for the face and body. Everything item that they sell is made with the utmost care to not only your skin, but also the environment. All the items crafted within the Conscious Skincare brand are organic, chemical free and specially formulated to give your skin the natural nourishment it deserves. The ingredients are all fit for purpose, as opposed to added for decoration, and the packaging is made from fully recyclable or recycled materials where possible. If that wasn’t fancy pants enough for you they even generate their own electricity to have a smaller energy footprint. Won you over yet?

Onto the stuff inside the pot I earlier mentioned this being a whole new form of body butter, as opposed to your traditional lotions, gels and oils, this is a whipped moose that dissolves away once applied to the skin to leave behind a luxurious oil. Intensely hydrating I save this specifically for night time use as you do get a slight slick left on your skin. Nothing drastic but it just goes to show how rich the product it. The fragrance is divine and lingers on your skin throughout the evening and applying it is a joy – I just have to be strict with myself and stop me from using the whole tub at once! Knowing that the product is good for you and the environment inside and out adds to the brilliance of the brand and the items they produce. I hope Conscious Skincare receive the love and recognition they deserve.

*pr sample