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Sweet Orange and Frangipani Bath Soak – £15.99*

You will have already seen me rave about the brand Conscious Skincare here on the blog before and rightly so. Their range of organic products from rural West Wales have even impressed this cynical Londoner with their natural and nourishing formulas receiving high fives all round. To take things into a more festive direction, what with Christmas being literally round the corner, I thought it would be time to embark on a bit of *dare I say* gift giving talk. To kick things off I am starting with the popular Sweet Orange and Frangipani Bath Soak that can be delivered to your doorstep accompanied with a rather festive trim.

Perfect as a stocking filler, gift for a friend or even to encourage a loved on to take some time out and relax, these bath soaks are filled to the brim with organic ingredients to help you de-stress from the day and unwind. The fragrance itself is quite sweet with the frangipani coming through the strongest. You get a hint of orange which is perfect for me as for some reason it’s one of those scents I just can’t stand! You only need a few drops of this bath soak added to the tub to transform it to a place of blissful tranquility. For a spot of luxury that you know comes from an ethical and well made brand, it ticks all the boxes come Christmas time.

*pr sample