Lacura Hand + Nail Cream* | Lacura Multi Intensive Serum – Aqua* | BB Cream*

Would you embark on your next beauty haul at Aldi? This is the question I am posing to you today. Not just a place for low price foods and household goods you are now able to stock up on your beauty necessities from this European supermarket brand. Throughout my Uni days and even now as a young adult (lol) I’ve never been one to partake in a spot of Aldi shopping. I blame them for being too far away but honestly it’s more likely to do with the fact I feel more at home within the standard branded aisles of our big commercial shops. More fool me as Aldi offers brilliant priced goods that are equal or even excel in quality compared to the more expensive branded options.

One aspect that I didn’t know Aldi offered were beauty goods. Carrots and ham yes but BB Creams? Who woulda thought it!? Not just that you can also snap yourself up a serum and hand cream for good measure whilst you are doing your weekly shop. Understandably it’s easy to assume beauty products from Aldi are going to be cheap and nasty but I was pleasantly surprised with the pieces I tried out. The Lacura Hand Cream feels lovely on the skin and with a price tag of 75p you really can’t go wrong. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy nor does it cause you to stick to everything you touch after applying it. I also gave the Lacura Multi Intensive Serum Aqua a go and again pipping in at only £3.49 this adds hydration to the skin and didn’t cause me to break out.

The big contender from Aldi are the BB Creams available for light and medium skin tones. Containing an SPF of 15 and moisture for up to 24 hours the price of £4.99 seals the deal. I find these are great for no makeup days if you want a hint of coverage. they don’t create the most even base but for the price tag they do a pretty decent job. Overall I am impressed with the offerings at Aldi, I may not be rushing there when I next run out of something however it’s a great option if you regularly shop there or are looking for a more purse friendly alternative.

*pr sample