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Welcome to another edition of ‘Super Saturday’ – woo it’s the weekend! Today’s super item is again a little shall we say off piste. What can I say sometimes you can just have too much beauty (ha what a lie!)  As you can probably tell from the cleverly placed photo above today’s post is about rooms. I am very much the kind of person who has to set up their room in order to feel at home and comfortable. Living in Bournemouth means I’ve moved around a lot, I think I’ve managed to go through seven places in the six years I was there and each one was very different. I like to have all my things set up and as soon as I move into a property I ensure that the bedroom feels like home.

Being a girl that has a slight obsession with beauty products results in makeup storage becoming the top priority. So much so my ‘vanity’ in one flat was a desk organiser balanced on top of a suitcase with a large mirror behind (what can I say I’m resourceful and zero places to store anything doesn’t stop me!) Moving back to London meant that the same had to be done to my room and I’m finally starting to feel like it’s becoming home. Conscious that this was the room I’ve lived in since I was a baby I wanted to make sure it felt different and a touch more grown up.

To achieve this I’ve set up a mini ‘makeup oasis’ with a desk, fairy lights (the key to any good room!) and even a dress form to add a bit of character. It feels cosy and more importantly, I know where everything is and it’s all in one place. In the mornings some people like to watch TV, relax over breakfast or just get up and go, whereas for me I like sitting down at my desk, loading up a new YouTube video and popping up my makeup. It’s relaxing and once finished I’m awake and ready for the day ahead. Now I have this area set up I feel more relaxed and settled and it’s nice knowing at the end of the day you can come back to a place you love.