I must sound like a broken record when I reel off the extensive list of brand names that I wish were brought to the UK. What can I say the States just isn’t close enough! From makeup, to skincare and now even candles there is a list as long as my arm (well three arms worth!) of items I wish we could pick up in the UK. Luckily in Dubai they have imported a fair few items from across the pond for you to peruse and purchase. Unfortunately the majority of these brands are in the forms of restaurants, however you are able to snag yourself some items from the infamous Bath & Body Works.

Back when I went to LA weight restrictions were a lot tougher on our suitcases and the hopes of purchasing one of their massive 3-wick candles was an unfruitful dream. Instead I opted for the miniature 1.3oz candles which at the time I picked up in a deal (something along the lines of 3 for $10). Being in the States also means you can take advantage of the deals on their big 14.5oz candles and they are usually 2 for $22. Although Bath & Body Works have made their way to the Dubai Mall these deals sadly have not. Instead a single 3-wick candle will set you back around £15 but that wasn’t going to stop me ;)

Thanks to packing light, yes I may have planned this is advanced, I opted for the Midnight Pomegranate fragrance in the whopping 3-wick candle option. Not all the State side fragrances have made their way across the pond yet so I settled on this scrumptious offering which smells sweet but slightly woody, perfect for the Autumnal season. Not content in buying one thing I also got the Fine Fragrance Mist in the same scent which is a product you can spritz on after a shower to nourish your skin whilst leaving it smelling divine. I am already looking forward to getting these home and burning the candle and may be planning a future haul already ;)