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When I first started this ‘Super Saturday’ series on my blog (a whopping 15 weeks ago already!) I didn’t realise that one of these posts would land slap bang on the day of my birth. Oh yes glorious readers – today is my birthday! I am brining this post to you from the future, or the past this whole scheduled post things boggles my mind, as I am expecting to be frolicking around in a blissful state of childish excitement. I know as you get older you are meant to do so blissfully and refrain from the outlandish nights out, but I use my birthday as an excuse to get every single one of my friends together in the same venue and have a merry old time.

This year as well I am lucky enough to be jetting off  to enjoy a little trip away before the chaos of work takes over my life. I’ve never been away during/near my birthday so I am using this as an excuse to extend the celebrations for just that little bit longer :P Also it’s a chance to get a final bit of sunshine before the dark nights draw in and the frosty winds pick up. Before I drag this blog post on any longer I’m off to have birthday cake for breakfast whilst carrying around a ballon displaying my new and year older age.

Also you may have spotted my new and colourful hair style ;) All will be revealed next week!