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Whoops I’ve been shopping. You know when you see a product and you just can’t get it out of your head, it simply has to be yours, well this is what happened with the YSL Forever Youth Liberator foundation. I’ve been debating picking it up for the last two weeks and after a dash visit to Debenhams whilst under the influence of their 750 bonus points deal, the purchase happened. As with all good bonus deals you have to spend a certain amount to be eligible for the points, therefore I just had to fill up my basket that little bit more ;)

I won’t go into too much detail regarding the foundation as I will pop up a full and in depth review next week but what I will say is that so far it is living up to the very high hopes I had for it. Although my foundation draw seems to be brimming at the moment I had a little void in the ‘transition to Autumn’ category. Looking for something to take me from a foundation-less Summer I wanted a foundation that gave me coverage whilst looking natural and radiant on the skin. So far this is ticking all the boxes.

To bump up my total at the till so the bonus point were mined, I picked up another of the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. This is now my 3rd tube and considering my last purchase was back in May, they last a pretty decent amount of time. The only thing to stop panda eyes from mascara, this has been a revolutionary addition to my makeup routine. The final purchase I made was a complete spur of the moment ‘oh you look nice’ addition. I have enough balms and lip treatments in my handbag alone but I couldn’t resist this cute looking one. By a company called Love & Toast this smells super scrumptious and contains only natural ingredients, nice to know when you are slathering it all over your lips. All in all this was a bit of an unexpected haul, but often they are the best!