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The Fab Pore – £10*

Soap & Glory have recently undergone a rebranding phase when it comes to their skincare line. Their former fun and bold designs have been replaced by a new and simpler approach and alongside this some of their formulas have had a rejig. Personally I find the new packaging to be slightly bland, the simple font and lack of design I find to be a bit of a step backwards for the company but nevertheless they still provide a great range of products at a pretty purse friendly price.

The Fab Pore* is 2-in-1 mask and peel that is specifically targeted at your pores. Recommended to be used once a week this aims to unclog your pores, help prevent breakouts and give your skin a bit of a detox. There is salicylic acid packed inside which exfoliates your skin and helps with acne but unfortunately the rest of the ingredients sounds like a chemistry lab. This is something I am always wary about when it comes to drugstore skincare and it’s always worth checking the ingredients on the back just to be on the safe side.

I use this as a midweek mask to help pep my skin up and counteract any break outs. It feels really cooling once applied and I find it removes redness in my skin and calms down any angry blemishes. There are spherical spheres inside too which is why I prefer to use this as a mask instead of rubbing the spheres all over my face and therefore spreading any bacteria. If you are looking for a mask that doesn’t break the bank this a great option, nothing ground breaking over here but a nice mask to incorporate into your weekly routine.

*pr sample