L’Oreal Superliner Brow Artist in 03 Brunette – £5.49*

When it comes to brows the smallest bit of definition can make the World of difference. Big and bushy brows are well and truly ‘in season’ and creating a strong brow has risen in popularity.  Faking it if you don’t have it doesn’t just apply to lashes or a golden brown tan any longer, people are donning the brow gels, pencils and waxes to give themselves a thicker and more defined brow.

Recently my brows loves have been the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil and Eyeko Brow Gel* Individually they work wonders but paired together they are a brow lovers dream. Sadly after daily use my Kevyn Aucoin Pencil has come to a rather quick end, although it’s one of if not thee best brow pencil I’ve ever used, it’s £21 price tag is less then friendly. Luckily for me and my purse strings, L’Oreal have released a new brow pencil that sits perfectly in the ‘Budget Beauty Buy’ category.

The Superliner Brow Artist Pencil comes in three colours: blonde, brunette and dark brunette, and each pencil has an accompanying clear fixing wax end to help set your brows in place. Although the shade brunette is a tad too dark for me, the pencil can be easily buffed out with the attached soft brush to give a more natural finish. The pencil is lovely and soft to apply, even with it’s lower price point, and the fixing wax really helps to keep things in place all day. I am really impressed with this pencil and it’s doing a great job at filling in (oh what a blooming good brow pun!)

*pr sample