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Life can be a little like buses. Nothing comes along for ages and then boom – everything happens at once. I am one of those people that likes to organise everything in advance and plan out my upcoming weeks so I have things to look forward to. For someone like me having that element of control being taken away can be frustrating and I am learning to be more impulsive and take things as they come. On a lighter note today marks the two week point until holiday time! I am so excited to get away now the cooler air has been sneaking in and it’s a chance for a last bit of relaxation before the madness takes over.

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Trying out a new restaurant that has recently opened in Bournemouth – in one word this place is OUTSTANDING! | Awe struck over the Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection | Making my bank balance weep | Trying out a bit of DYI thanks to Louise over at Sprinkle of Glitter | At the Bafta building | I know it’s too early but I couldn’t resist

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