Neom Refresh Organic Room Mist – £16*

I am well and truly aboard the Neom band wagon and I am loving it. The latest offering that has been tickling my taste buds is their Organic Room Mist in the fragrance Refresh. Containing the lovely combination of Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil a few spritzes of this instantly revitalises a room. Personally room sprays have always been a bit hit and miss for me, the general offerings such as Fabreze I find to be rather rubbish. The scent disperses really quickly and I find I whiz through a bottle like there is no tomorrow. Luckily this Neom mist is packed full of a gorgeous fragrance that lingers around your room.

Whether as a gift or a little treat for yourself, these room mists really are lovely. Not a fan of what is inside this bottle? They also have Real Luxury, Tranquility and Complete Bliss in the range that contains ingredients from Lavender, Jasmine and Moroccan Blush Rose. There really is something for everyone! Encased in a frosted glass bottle this looks the part and oozes luxury without completely breaking the bank. It also retains it’s fragrance if you spray it near something it can cling to (such as carpet or cushions) so your room smells gorgeous for hours afterwards.

Have you tried a Room Mist from Neom before? What do you think of luxury room sprays?

*pr sample