Wow I can’t believe I am already up to #140 of these MWIP posts! Hope you have been enjoying them and I’ve loved being able to go through the first few to see what I used to get up to each week, almost like an online diary it’s a great way of being able to reflect and remember old times.  This week has been spent mainly at work and planning my weekends. I’ve travelled home this weekend to see friends and family and catch up on some much overdue snuggle time with Lola. I still have my fingers and toes crossed for one last hit of Summer sunshine, I’m not ready for it all to be over just yet even though trying to get a decent night’s sleep in the heat was near on impossible. Please comeback Mr Sunshine!

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: After being absent on Instagram for just over a week it was only right I returned with a picture of some lunchtime Nandos | Spot of beauty shopping in Boots | Mass snuggles with this pretty lady

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