L’Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume – £5.99

When it comes to heat protection I am a bit of a floozy. I apologise tresses and I put my hands up and admit that I do not use heat protection like I should. I wouldn’t call myself a heat addict as the only time it is used is when I blow dry my hair. Straighteners, curling wands and styling devices are rarely put to use and even though I turn to my hairdryer minimum twice a week, I have found my hair to be in pretty good condition (considering it is coloured as well!) Luckily for me and all us volume loving gals out there, L’Oreal have a heat protection that not only provides the protection, it also helps to give you oomph and volume at the roots.

Inside this bottle the ingredients are enriched with a heat-protect technology that leaves your hair shiny and soft. It also helps to create volume and lock out flyaways all whilst holding your style in place for up to three days. Understandably with any budget beauty buy the quality of the ingredients can be questionable, mass produced items is usually when silicons like to sneak in. That being said I don’t find this coats my hair nor does it leaves any residue or product build up.

In terms of within my haircare routine I use this last on damp hair after applying a host of styling products. I spritz it evenly throughout the lengths of my hair with a bit of final focus on the roots. I give a final comb through and then turn my attention towards the hairdryer. I haven’t noticed the biggest difference since using this, however it does help to provide a bit of extra oomph whilst protecting my tresses.

Have you tried this product before? What are your favourite heat protectors?