The Little Bubble Co Strawberry Sundae Shower Gel – £2.99

A sweet smelling shower gel can make all the difference to your morning routine. Some people opt for an enriching scent to help wake them up from their sleepy haze whereas I prefer to have something a bit softer to lather up and apply. When it comes to the products I use in the shower I am not very picky – as long as they smell darn good and lather up a treat they are a winner in my books. Usually I chop and change depending on whatever is on offer but recently this bargain beauty from The Little Bubble Co has already been repurchased and is a firm favourite shower gel pick.

Available in Boots and even Waitrose you get a whopping 500ml of product for only £2.99. It’s got the bargain bracket ticked but what about the product itself? I like to use this as either a bubble maker for a bath (hands up who else still uses soap to make bubbles in the baths they run? Never get’s old for me!) and also as a shower gel with a puff. For a budget buy the lather isn’t the most intense I’ve seen before but it does a pretty decent job. The scent is truly scrumptious and the bottle lasts forever. The only bad thing I have to say is that the rest of the range leaves a little to be desired. Don’t get me wrong they have a lot of other scents to choose from but none of them are something I would pick. For the time being me and the Strawberry Sundae offerings are best friends :)